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      After thirteen years online, on 31 January 2014 the website was totally revamped and is now NON-FICTION ESSAYS and REFERENCE ONLY. All of the Adult Stories have been removed, which includes Reader Letters and contributed stories and articles.

      For a Limited Time, all of the Fiction Stories that were originally posted on the site, and which still have active links on the Web pointing to them are available from Your Good Brutha by request. Also, this site will release any reader contributed material intact as posted to the original submitter by direct request.

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Over 3000 Terms and seven years in the making!
Definitions, commentary, observations, humor... and it is ALL TRUE! the address is
By Reader Suggestion:
      the Great Sex Glossary Quote Collection

The 2013 SEX GLOSSARY QUIZ and the hardest one yet!
Take the 2011 SEX GLOSSARY QUIZ as well!
the original Great SEX GLOSSARY Quiz from 2008
oh, yes, the quizzes are also by Reader Sugestion!

I answer a question... "Why do smut movies cost so much?"

I've been really busy, but just not with the site, but I did debunk an Adult Scam!

Am I an expert on the various Adult Industries? Some say "yes".

What I still want to say to those assholes in Congress! and the ones running for president too!

Oct 08. An Incident: "You pervert!". -oh yes ma'am

The story that I Won't Write: "NO" even though I was asked to.

New Article: Literacy and Porn The two are NOT Mutually Exclusive!

the infamous SEXIEST 25 Question Quiz and its Female Readers: ANSWER PAGE!

NEW RESEARCH PROJECT! Nov '06 and Call For Submissions! The Happiness Project!


The How and Why wonder article about loving women.

Two 2008 letters posted. three questions from a lady and a note from 'Charnie'.

Your Brutha's SEXIEST 25 Question Quiz That You'll Ever Take!
      With the answers of Another women "MS 2012" that took the quiz last week!

and the original other SEX QUIZ for women and men Check it out and send me more answers.

and the article about why Your Brutha does this: Answer to a Question

June/06 A GREATEST HITS article about Church Ladies and others. TRUE STORIES ALL!

Another Serious Article About SEX

What your Brutha is doing for International Women's Day No. I'm not kidding.

The State Of PORN. The Review and Article you heard about!
So you want to know: WHO IS Brutha Jim Deep?

?HUMOR? from The Doktor! Your Brutha's Job Review

Your Brutha Wrote a Novel!
Leatherwings ALL Three Parts Now Posted

Deep Writes a SERIOUS ARTICLE about What Is A Sexy Woman?.

Email the Brutha- bruthadeep(~a~)bruthadeep{-d.t-}com -or- Bruthadeep(~a~)yahoo{d.t}com
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The inspired SEXIEST 25 Question Quiz you'll ever take!
    Answers from several Women posted. See quiz for link!

The ORIGINAL AND MOST EXTENSIVE IN DEPTH: Sex Quiz! And the infamous Sex List that goes with it.

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In short.... if the damned pols won't listen to the people

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