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Deep Writes a SERIOUS ARTICLE about What Is A Sexy Woman?.

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The inspired SEXIEST 25 Question Quiz you'll ever take!
Answers from five women posted. See quiz for link!

The ORIGINAL AND MOST EXTENSIVE IN DEPTH: Sex Quiz! And the infamous Sex List that goes with it.


TRUE CONFESSIONS Brutha Deep style, from readers and friends and some that defy description.

"Let me ask YOU a question." A friend asks your brutha the obvious. And I answer him.

NEW LETTERS AUG/07! Bill's summer as a Rock Star and an 'friendly' ex-wife.

2005 letters including the Westboro Baptist church woman letter.

Newest stories at bottom of each catagory!

ALL STORIES CONTAIN ADULT MATERIAL do not click unless you are an ADULT and want to read sexy stuff!


Oh Damn
Interactive Story with Three Possible Endings. From the Archive.

Long Story- Birthday
A couple of friends, their townhouse, and birthday parties.

Casually Swinging Two Parts

it was a favorite on the Russian site, now it's back! (I just found it on a disk!)
My First Swinger Story! from 2000. NOW REPOSTED

IT's Back! 1 Jan 2008
DotCom. The story with the highlighted sex scenes
in case you DON'T want to read them

Lots more to come!

Something that was popular on the old site
Your Brutha's TRUE STORIES

A Friend's Stepmom's Ass
NOT an incest story!

A frank discussion of a young-ish mother your good brutha knows.
Link Fixed!Update To Stepmom's Ass
She read it, approved of it, and now there is more!
and your Brutha SAW more too!

Fictionalized story about a floozy
Based on a young woman your Brutha used to know.

The Concierge Based on what someone Your Brutha knows told him about their job! which makes it true enough to list here!

"She doesn't do anal but she does BF!"
True story about a very blond white chick!

The DRUNKEST Bride I've Ever Seen!
Valentines Wedding 07!

3 August, 2007 A TRUE STORY with New York Swingers and it was fun

NEW: 1 Sept, 2007 Your Brutha does Interviews at the Day Job
And it wasn't what you think

28 February 2008 An Odd Morning and a Great Afternoon! Two true ones rescued from 2003 and lost in the Russian Crash now reposted!

Your Brutha has some more true ones too!

Newer Material [by newer material we mean stuff posted since the crash before last.]