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Endangered Species

A TRUE STORY! from July 2007!

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ADULTS ONLY You have been warned!

      NOTE- this is a TRUE STORY: Names changed at participant's request. Location 'altered' for same reason.
      This story contains a couple of personal revelations about your good Brutha.
      (NO I am not turning gay. Nor am I a metrosexual although I am still a Democrat. Get over it.) -Jim

      I know a white couple who regard themselves as an endangered species in the sex-scene of the City.
      He and his wife are self described 'old style' swingers... whatever that means.
      Let me tell you a bit about them, then I'll explain what I mean by that and what I have learned about them over the course of the last month or so.

      Joe, his real name and he doesn't care if I use it or not, is in his mid-sixties. He is a semi-retired professional who is making more by working about twelve hours a week than I am working full time. His un-dyed silver hair is a bit longer than you would expect on a gentleman of his age and class. He dresses quite well and carried himself with a dignity that has been well-earned as he began his career with 'a hammer in his hand' as he puts it, and literally worked his way up from there. Aside from a short swing through Korea (at Uncle's insistence) he has worked in his trade all his life. I met him last year as his office upgraded their communications systems and he, as executive sponsor of the changes had to sign off on everything from the platform we installed to the color of the wire we ran to the workstations. I found him knowledgeable and helpful and even willing to admit he didn't know every detail but he was willing to learn. By the end of the project we had become, and remain, fairly good friends.
      His wife Mari, not her real name as she is somewhat shy and demure (and that is the word) Italian, is a few years younger than Joe. She will admit to being "Almost" sixty. She also works part time as a senior manager in a legal firm 'near the financial district'. One of the things that she has told me was that in September of 2001 she had a 'mesmerizing' view of those events. Joe had run to her office to watch the final act of things when his office closed about ten that morning. It was Wednesday afternoon before they finally got home. They both lost friends that day they said somewhat somberly, and they both swear that they will never forget.

      I got to meet Joe's wife about the third day into the project when Joe said he was going out to lunch with her and invited a couple of us from the team along. She was absolutely charming and delightful and I seemed to hit it off with her. As we made small talk she mentioned that when her office was quiet she enjoyed reading instead of playing cards on her computer like the rest of them. I asked her what she liked to read and I could tell by the way she blushed that my site might be of interest to her. I asked Joe if he would mind if I gave Mari a business card for my site and he told me to be his guest. Two days later I got an email from Mari thanking me for giving her new material to 'keep her interest' at work.

      They both belong to two different fitness clubs and work out regularly both for health reasons and because of their hobby.
      Part of their health regime is endurance training and an assortment of supplements and a reasonably healthy diet which includes a lot of vegetables, but they are not vegetarians. For instance, although they both love fried foods, they limit themselves to two meals a week of a fried meat. And when the meat is chicken, they take the skin off.
      They swim and fast walk 'miles and miles' a week along one of the old aqueduct paths in their area, and do some routine strength training as well.
      And it all shows. They are both in remarkable shape and, trust me on this one, for 'almost sixty' Mari is very attractive and she appears at least a dozen years younger than she actually is. And while she does color her hair, she says that it is almost exactly her natural color and nothing more. As for Joe, he has been the 'after' picture in a couple of ads for one of the clubs, and he shows off the ad with little provocation.
      Through my discussions with Joe and my email exchanges with Mari I got to know a great deal about both of them.
      Except Joe was understated and left a great deal to the imagination with the way he put things. Mari, at least in her emails, was somewhat more direct, and when discussing various parts of various stories she could be very explicit. She really enjoyed the stories about an older woman and younger man and proclaimed early on that the story about the band booster was her favorite. And she said she thought that 'Maggie' should have either been a little more aggressive with 'Kurt' or declined the sex all together, but she thought the story was pretty good anyway.
      The second week of the project in Joe's office was the fastest four days of work I'd ever done in my life. I did my work, mapping and diagramming and chasing unlabeled copper and fiber optic cable around the building like a madman for about two hours in the morning and an hour after lunch. The rest of the day I got to sit and listen to Joe and swap emails with him and his wife while I documented what I had learned about the existing wiring and the new stuff we were stuffing into their walls and ceiling.
      And in spite of their advantage over me with years of lifestyle experience, I held my own with them with 'non-work' talk about swinging and all the intricacies thereof.
      Mari was an expert in items of all descriptions that could be inserted into the human body in various ways, and all the accessories one needed to accomplish said insertion. Joe liked 'sex furniture' and things like bondage frames and even a 'wheel of delight' that he said he was going to build over his next vacation. Between the two of them I felt I may be in over my head.

      They had been swingers since they met when he was in the army in the late fifties. She had had a boyfriend who Joe claimed was an All American Boy who never even tried to put his hand up her skirt. According to Mari, her boyfriend was so shy with her now she suspects he had homosexual tendencies. When Joe and Mari got together when he was on leave their 'proper relationship' lasted one night. They waited to make out until their second date.
      She had her first orgasm ever when he ate her out like he had heard about in boot camp. Joe was honest with me, Mari was the second girl he had ever touched other than holding hands with or kissing on the cheek. With his first 'steady' he had only managed to touch her butt cheeks through her panties, no further. Mari said in an email about it that Joe's effort to pleasure her with his mouth was clumsy and he stopped several times, but since she hadn't even gone over the top by masturbating until then because it was 'dirty' she couldn't help herself.

      Once he was out and they were together they began experimenting. They had had sex outside a couple of times by necessity as Joe was living with his grandparents and Mari was at home. They found a convenient place in a park and enjoyed themselves, and they liked it. So they kept that up for the next forty years or more and had kept track of how many states and Canadian provinces and even foreign countries they had done it outside in.
      They were 'almost' engaged when they went out on a double date with Mari's best friend Sarah and her boyfriend and things got interesting. The other couple were comparative innocents at sex so they played 'follow the leader' with them and showed them how it was done. The next weekend they went out with them again, and started the game again and somehow things got a lot more interesting as they ended up swapping partners. Before long, they were all involved with each other and Joe and Mari discovered, as did the other couple, that you do not instantly contract leprosy by touching another person of the same sex in an intimate way.
      The other couple didn't stay together, but Sarah stayed in touch for several years, and through two husbands, and they swung with them throughout.
      Through contact with other swingers they learned the joys of various objects and vegetables and even certain power tools and furniture. Needless to say, their lives had not been dull, and they liked to share.
      Because of their professional standing they had kept their choice of weekend activity close to the vest and not advertised it in any way. In fact, other than a small group of 'friends' nobody knew. Joe was sure their kids had no idea just how close their parents were with various friends of theirs whose own children they had grown up friends with. Although the now adult children of a two or three other couples had joined them on weekends away with the others, most notably at a lake in the palisades area of New York, the kids evidently didn't discuss the weekends amongst themselves past whether or not the fish were biting.
      From what Joe and Mari said, only a select few of the people they worked and socialized with had any idea that the fourth floor of their narrow townhouse is a playroom worthy one of the sex clubs that were throughout the city in the seventies and that they were regulars on a Long Island Sound cruise that catered to those of similar tastes.

      It was Mari's idea all the way. She invited me to come up to their place Friday after work to meet a friend of hers who enjoyed 'getting to know' younger men. She sent me a link to her friend's page on a social site to help encourage me. I checked it out before I said any more.
      Her friend was about a dozen years older than me, was reasonably attractive, and if things went as Mari and Joe had been saying they usually do, I'd have a better than even shot at 'getting to know' Mari as well. One other thing I noticed on her page was her fondness for a particular kind of cat.
      My answer was that I would try just about anything once. Joe was delighted and told me he'd love to have me ride the train with him and Mari home that afternoon. I did, and they told me about the other couples that would be there that weekend. The majority of the men were bi to some extent, all but one of the women were as well, and Mari claimed she was trying to change her because she'd love to make it with her. They only invited couples, which was why they were delighted that I agreed to the blind date, because they wanted to get Mari's friend into it.
      I said I was glad to oblige.

      I hadn't been to that part of the Manhattan for a long time. For my part anything above about 140th street was in another country. But their house was in a small group that appeared to be well built in the twenties or thirties in the 'Brownstone' style. While the houses were older than most just south of the area, all six or seven units were in pretty good shape and didn't appear to be in danger of being torn down to make room for more of the endless cloned apartment buildings that infested the island just to the north of the Medical Center. During the tour Joe commented that because they had a middle unit their heating and cooling wasn't bad even though the building was somewhat lacking in insulation.
      Joe had to show me every inch of his home while we waited on the others. From the tiny garage on the ground level that was so small the passenger had to get out of the car outside to the partial basement to the roof. Once upon a time the house had been turned from a single family house into several very small apartments. They'd bought it when it was almost vacant and began slowly remodeling and restoring it to its 'roaring twenties' persona removing the kitchen on the third floor and turning it back into a bedroom, except they left the fourth floor as a self contained apartment as their 'playroom'. There was even a small area on the roof where they could continue their frolics in the sun.

      Let me describe the playroom.
      The house was narrow. Joe said it was exactly twenty one feet and four inches wide inside wall to inside wall. OK, I didn't measure it, but it seemed narrower. The overall impression was that each floor was essentially a fifty foot long mobile home stacked one on top of the other.
      The stairs entered the fourth floor at the front and continued up to the roof with one further very steep flight. The living room of the former apartment was the full width of the house with windows that looked out at the tops of the trees that lined the street and the nearly identical houses beyond back to a bar/kitchen area perhaps halfway back through the house making the room almost square. For its size, it was fairly sparse with furniture having only a large sectional in one corner and a few other chairs and tables. The carpet was new and very thick and soft, which gave me ideas about how the night would probably go. For entertainment a projection TV was situated in the ceiling aimed at a large wall with speakers situated around the room, Joe showed me the large built in cabinet with the various controls and consoles in it.
      The kitchen area was almost too small for anything serious, but evidently served its new purpose well. It was for entertaining, not hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. The bathroom was directly behind the kitchen and it too was not overly large as most of its space had been taken up by a large garden tub and shower, there was barely room for the toilet and sink, and no storage in the room at all. Joe told me about how they had had to reinforce the floor and walls all the way to the ground to support it, but that it was well worth the effort and he loved it.
      The apartment's former small bedroom was opposite the bathroom and kitchen. It was so small as to maybe serve well as a nursery or perhaps large closet. Now it held a full sized bed which occupied over half the room and a few other appointments. Joe said it was the 'time out room' and if somebody went in and closed the door, they needed a break and were not to be disturbed without knocking first. I asked how they got the bed into the room and he said it hadn't been fun and it would never come out in one piece.
      The back bedroom was a work of art. There was a large wooden frame built into the ceiling in half the room with assorted hooks and eyelets screwed into it. On another wall was one of those exercise ladders of thick dowels you used to see in places like the YMCA, it was about six feet wide from floor to ceiling, and like the frame, appeared to be as solid as the house. A huge exercise ball rested in a corner, two directors chairs sat near a small table by the back window. A large cabinet to one side contained all manner of toys and torments as did the closet near the back door.
      We ended our tour on the back porch looking out over the tiny yard and the buildings to the rear of the house. Joe said they tried not to let the party spill out here too often as their neighbors across the yard didn't have much in the way of a sense of humor, although their daughter in law had been over a time or two, he said with a grin.
      We walked down the back stairs and went back into the second floor, walking into the dining room, then to the main kitchen for a drink and snacks.
      Mari was finishing up the dinner and shooed us out with a handful of pretzels and a beer to await their friends in the main living room.

      It wasn't long and a mixed couple, Hispanic man and Black woman, arrived and Joe introduced them as Marco and Shanie, which he pronounced as 'shone-ee'. She used to work with Mari and had moved on into a political job. Shanie was almost a foot taller than Marco was and, in a word, stacked. Both were amazingly friendly and we fell into an easy conversation about adult websites when Joe told them about what I did for amusement.
      Then my 'date' arrived with the other couple we were waiting for, Ron and Vi.

      She was a little shorter and a bit plumper than I expected, but she was far from the 'worst case scenario' I was expecting, for which I had programmed my computer to call my cel phone in about an hour so I'd have an urgent but polite reason to leave. When nobody was looking, I turned my cel off.
      Her user ID on the networking site was 'Calico' so that's the name I'll use for her here. Just because I'm curious about things like that I looked up some basic information about the breed when Mari had sent me her page address. I shook her hand and mentioned that she didn't have her hair died like her namesake but she was certainly female unlike a tiny minority of the felines. She was impressed that I knew anything about them and we talked about the myth that all Calico cats are female.
      The other couple told me that that had been a mistake and that she could talk about the topic for hours then they went to the kitchen for drinks.
      In a few minutes Mari announced that dinner was ready and invited us all back to the dining room. I escorted Calico and we joined everybody else around the table.

      The food was light and healthy and full of energy. There was plenty to drink but Joe warned everybody against getting 'too loaded to play later'. Part of the dessert course was a 'penis pill' for the guys to get us all into better shape for extended play and a handful of condoms if you wanted to use them, one of the women said that she insisted on one on whoever was doing it with her, but she was the only one. I thought about it and took half of one pill and saved the other half for later and put a few condoms in my pocket. Then it wasn't long before we were all helping to clear the dishes up and heading for one of the bathrooms then taking the long walk upstairs.
      I learned a long time ago to do my level best to relieve myself of physical issues before I go to adult functions. Which includes everything from rinsing my mouth out to doing a quick jerk off so I don't cum too soon when things get interesting, as well as forcing myself to crap and piss so those don't interrupt things later either. I borrowed the half bath on the lower level next to the laundry room behind the garage and did my business with all the haste I could muster. Then I checked my hair and clothes and took a deep breath.
      Mari was just getting a few last minute things together. I offered to carry the large bowl of ice and followed her up the stairs.

      The playroom was already swinging when we walked up the stairs. The surround sound was playing some classical music. There was an adult movie on the projection TV that I found out later was featuring Shanie and Marco and another of their friends in a 'naughty nurse' type of fantasy. Ron and Vi were undressing and adding their clothes to a rather impressive pile on the bench in front of the big windows that suggested they weren't the first to get naked. Then they almost ran down the hall to the back room. OK, let me say it right here and now, I like my women toned and in good shape more than fat, ok? Vi was too muscularly toned and almost too thin and looked like she needed a good buffet dinner more than a good fucking, but I was not going to complain.
      I was standing there blinking at the afterimage of Vi's tight butt when Mari told me to put the ice in the fridge then do whatever I wanted until they started the first of the games. I asked her if she meant that and she said of course. So I kissed her and got each of her butt cheeks in a firm grip and held her tight. When I broke the kiss she smiled and said we'd have to continue that later but right now she had to go check the tub to make sure it was ready. I nodded and said I'd remember that.
      I realized I was probably the last man still dressed when Marco came out of the back room naked and asked me if the whipped cream was in the fridge. I looked and gave him one of the three unopened cans that were in there.
      OK, from drive- I've never been an exhibitionist although I do enjoy being naked in mixed company whether or not sex is on the menu, nor do I consider myself a prude. While my 'package' does not require its own social security number, I don' think I've been shortchanged in that department either. I am not particularly envious of other men's equipment, and I don't think I'm the subject of envy that way either. And the women I know that well seem satisfied with what I offer so I'm not going to be calling 'Smiling Bob' any time soon.

      I was wondering if I should have my clothes join the pile when Mari came back around the corner and said it was already going in the back and we were missing out. She took me by the hand up to the front and we undressed ourselves and each other. She appraised my body with the same look I knew I was giving her, but then instead of getting busy with each other we followed some enthusiastic chanting and laughter down the hall to see what was up.
      What was up was Shanie. She was spread eagle in a pleasure swing that had been suspended three feet from the floor with whipped cream sprayed here and there on her. As she swung in slow circles various ones were licking or dabbing at her or spraying her with even more. Joe told her to smile at both ends while Mari laughed and asked me if I wanted dessert. I said I'd just watch for now. Joe took a couple of pictures as Shanie wiggled her bottom at him to make the pictures blurry. From the way he was firing off his camera, I suspect he got several good images in spite of her efforts.
      Mari said she wasn't going to just watch and as Shanie's feet swung our way Mari stepped between them and licked at the whipped cream that was still on her pussy. The next time she swung by me I reached out and swiped at an untouched glob that was on the side of her thigh and made a show out of tasting it.

      What ensued from there was one of the longest running continuous sex acts I have ever seen, ever heard about, or even dreamed about.
      When we came upstairs it was more or less seven PM. When I left for home Sunday evening, they were still going at it.
      As far as I knew except for a couple of meal breaks, there was at least one couple, and I use the term to simply reflect two or more people having sex, sexual organs notwithstanding. I mean it. There was for the most part, 48 hours of sex in their fourth floor apartment, or on the roof, back deck, bathrooms, or basement.
      Another couple whose name I missed except that their last name was Chastine (or Kastine, something like that) showed up about midnight after they said they closed their shop and hit the door ready for some serious action. In his introduction Joe told me that they weren't married and they weren't brother and sister, but he didn't say any more, so later I asked Mr. Chastine how they were related and he told me something I didn't believe, so later, while I was eating her out, I asked Ms Chastine. Now remember, some things you just Can Not make up! She said that Mr. Chastine was actually her brother in law and her husband, his brother, didn't mind her partying as long as she was with him and to prove it she held out her left hand and showed me her wedding ring. I thought that was odd but didn't say anything while I licked her pussy, then she said that her husband didn't do what I was doing and barely did anything else. I let it go and continued my good work.
      Marco left Saturday morning and came back that afternoon. Even Mari left at one point to return later. At one point Saturday evening in the front room I found myself engaged with a woman whom I thought was Vi, but then I noticed Vi near the kitchen. When I had a chance to chat with the woman I was fucking she told me her name was Trina and her fiancÚ Kent was the one I'd given money to for a beer run.
      I hadn't given anybody any money for a beer run, but who was I to argue?
      As for the festivities themselves, there was no lack of anything anybody wanted. If you wanted a woman to take a large dildo in her teeth and fuck you with it, if she wasn't available to do it right then, come back in an hour and ask again. And more than likely somebody there was game for just about anything, every three hours or so somebody would announce a Maximum Kinkiness session was beginning and those so inclined would report to wherever it was happening.
      And several of the women, most notably Mari and Ms. Chastine were the cheerleaders for everybody to engage their 'bi-side'. Especially those like me and Trina, who was the woman that didn't do anything with another woman except by accident, and Ron who said he'd tried going gay and didn't like it. For what it's worth, I played along without going too far.

      Now before you get the wrong idea about your good Brutha. I still like women.
      Like I've said before. I've seen men fuck each other, and I'm not impressed. It does not turn me on, I don't want to do it, I don't want to have it done to me. Thank you, no. Most recently at the video shoot downtown last year.
      And now I have also seen one man getting fucked in the ass while he is fucking a woman, both by another man and a woman wearing a strap on. And I think every other combination possible. Now, some time out from the events, amazing to me to contemplate the various combinations and complexities they achieved in the name of sex.
      At one point I counted six people in a daisy chain, and they invited me to be the seventh.
      I had to help four women get untangled once after they had gotten really busy with each other and several dildos and a couple of strings of beads, which was actually quite fun.
      And now let me say something else. Although Ms. Chastine got a little tipsy and I'm pretty sure Marco passed out for awhile Saturday from working all day and then drinking on an empty stomach, nobody got shitfaced drunk. Well, during one of the 'MaxKink' sessions Kent did get shit on his face, but that was by his choice.

      Bright and early Sunday morning we all went up to the roof for the 'photo shoot' that Marco and Shanie had been trying to talk everybody into. They had done a few shots and some short videos off and on all night. And believe it or not, Shanie was the driving force behind, and the main body in, most of the pictures. She belonged to a video swapping site (which I promised to check out and review- see below) and wanted as many clips as she could get to boost her ranking on the site. Marco just liked to take pictures, I never asked what he did with them besides getting Joe to promise to send some of his and Marco's when he copied him on them.
      The only camera I had on me was my phone. (FOR THE RECORD... celphone cameras suck at taking good porn pictures.) Joe had a decent digital camera while Marco had a fancy name digital SLR with a big lens and a flash that would double as a lighthouse if needed. The digital video camera was Shanie's and she set it up like a pro, then she posed and acted in front of it like another kind of pro.

      It had been late Friday night, I think, when I agreed for my 'better parts' to be photographed and used in any way they wished on a model release that was a copy of a copy with 19 scratched out and 20 written in as the year in the date line. In the end everybody else signed as well, and the party went on steady with the occasional flash adding spice to the mix.
      Shanie wanted to do a theme shoot that involved one of the large exercise balls. So we did a theme shoot with the ball. She discovered that I knew my way around a photo shoot so I got to be her assistant, so I managed to stay out of most of the pictures.
      She had a definite idea of what she wanted to show in her series, and it appeared to be a 'how to' set encompassing every way possible for human beings to have anything that could loosely be called sex using the ball in some way. From a single woman laying on the ball masturbating herself with a dildo strapped to a pole by rocking back and forth to three people doing all kinds of things on and around the ball. Some of them defied explanation other than Shanie was trying to make a point.
      My sole stint on the ball was late in the proceedings Friday when somebody pointed out to Shanie that she had neglected to have a set of one man and one woman having regular intercourse on the ball. I was drafted, as was Mari and we did our part for her art.
      Sunday morning we were on the roof for another session with Shanie directing, and participating in 'anatomical' photographs which concentrated on the action of the moment in extreme close ups. The sun was reasonably bright and the lighting was fantastic for what she had in mind. How close up were the photos? In the pictures I looked at later you could see individual pores and the lines on the skin of those so engaged. I even pointed out in one shot that I wasn't sure, but I thought we had a glimpse of Vi's cervix as she was spread wide open for an anal fisting. It was an unusual angle and given her already dilated condition, it was possible.

      Sunday just after what passed for breakfast Calico smiled at me as I poured her a cup of coffee and thanked me for being a good sport about everything, but she didn't think there was a future for us. I thanked her as well and said I was sorry but I think I agreed and left it at that.
      I was supposed to be Calico's date, however, it was clear not long after dinner that there was nothing between us besides being each other's sex partner when nobody else was available. We just didn't hit it off on the personal level, and it appeared that neither of us was overly broken up over the fact.
      During a break in the activities Calico confided to me that this was the first time she'd ever done anything like this. She had been 'with more' men here than she'd ever had before in her life. So I asked her why she'd decided to come, she said that she'd heard from Mari how much fun their style of swinging was, so she decided to try it. I asked her if she was having fun and she laughed out loud until her tits were swaying in opposing time and said she was having a blast and that she would be back.

      The strangest part of the weekend was when Joe and Mari were comparing 'scores' with Ron and Vi Saturday after lunch. Later I asked Joe about it. He swore me to secrecy before he explained what it was, and once he did I had to take my own inventory and found myself lacking, so I got busy to improve it.
      Their 'score' involved how many different ways they had had sex with how many different people. Since Ron didn't do other guys, he was already working at a disadvantage. Mari had the highest score and Joe and Vi were basically tied.
      Here's how it works the same way Joe explained it to me. He used his wife Mari as the example. It is possible for me and Mari to have sex in basically nine different ways with hands only counting as one no matter what you were touching. If we sixty-nined that would count, in their scoring as two different acts (we both did oral on each other) so we would each score a two. If we fucked that would be one each. If she turned over and I did her up her ass that would be another one each. Since I consider tit fucking as dumb, I didn't do that all weekend, so I was working at a disadvantage too.
      By Joe and Mari's scoring system, I had been rather lax in engaging in all the various possibilities with all the various people there. In fact, up to that point, the only woman I'd done up her ass was Mari, and that was simply because I'd made a point to do it when Joe first had mentioned they were swingers during the job. It wasn't long after that that I lined up on Ms. Chastine's rear and got busy that way.
      By my own count, the only butt I missed was Calico's, which is OK with me. I never came in Shanie's mouth, but it wasn't for lack of trying but she pulled off of me and turned around and we 69'd until I came that way while I licked her to climax, so I don't know if that counts as an anal fuck or not under their scoring system. I don't remember if Vi ever gave me head or not, but I think she did, which was the only thing she did without a rubber. And I did fuck Trina in ever hole she had, but when it came time to shoot I did it all over her while she was turning around to take it on her face during a MaxKink bout.

      Now don't get me wrong, there were dedicated times where you were supposed to 'dance with the girl you brought' as Joe put it. And we did. There was a 'freestyle' set in the back room, and a 'floorshow' version in the front room where we all set around and watched a couple in the center do whatever they were going to do.
      And nobody was disappointed either.
      Joe and Mari as the hosts, went first and set the tone for the floorshow. They made sure everybody else was comfortable and had something to drink, then they went at it. They went down on each other, and fingered then fucked each other until you thought they were making another adult movie. It was something to see.
      When Trina and Kent went they needed a little encouragement. They weren't shy with anybody else, but when they were doing it together they got a little self conscious. We cheered like they were the home team driving for a score until they did drive for a score and Trina rode him in reverse cowgirl with good enthusiasm.
      For my turn with Calico we decided to do a modified missionary with me on top and her ankles hooked over my shoulders for the finale. To warm up we did a couple of positions of sixty nine then when we thought we'd done that enough she laid on the floor on her back and hiked her legs up and I moved in to position and we fucked 'like old married people' as Ms Chastine put it.
      So we both dared her to do better. And to their credit they did. The Chastine's did a standing sixty-nine with him holding her up without much effort, then they fucked standing up with her legs wrapped around his waist.
      Ron and Vi and Marco and Shanie also gave a good accounting of themselves with slightly less gymnastic but no less intimate.
      Then we got to rate the participants in categories like 'most tender lovemaking' and the couple that seemed to most enjoy what they did and for the most real orgasm by the woman.
      Calico won the orgasm award because when I was eating her out I refused to take my teeth off her clit until I was sure she had gone over the top.
      Joe later said that he liked those sessions because he really liked having sex with his wife and sometimes during these parties he didn't get to. Then he tallied Mari's mouth and pussy as part of his score for the weekend.

      Late Friday night I had been a score for Mari on her side, and she was quite proud of it as well. She had taken my strap-on ass cherry. It was the price I paid for doing her that way. Was it worth it? I'm still not sure about that. Yes I have had other things go that way before, tongues and fingers and vibrators and so on, but Mari was the first one to ever run up in me with anything the size and shape of a penis as her favorite strap on was. It was a long blue penis shape probe that was fitted to a old style harness that fit her perfectly and stimulated her clit and other parts while she rammed it in and out of her target. If she put a dildo inside herself it would rub against the straps and, so she claimed, give her a double shot of orgasm.
      So after I had emptied myself inside her, we simply switched positions as we had agreed to do. She had been on her knees on the couch in the room where we had undressed facing the windows bent over the back of the couch, she said it was comfortable and she enjoyed the position so we went with it. I put one knee on the couch and leaned forward and fucked her ass, just like that. She said she didn't need much more preparation other than my greasing her up. I told her I'd need a lot of prep work and she said that was part of the fun. While I got up on the couch and rested myself on its back she put on her harness and joked with Trina about how Trina loved this part for its political symbolism.
      As Mari prepared me for the invasion I heard my own words that I had been saying to women for years: relax, enjoy the sensations, take a deep breath and sigh at the feelings, and so on. She was good too, I felt her tongue work me over first both rimming me and working inside, she was certainly not shy about it and I appreciated it too. Then came her fingers, covered with the same lube I had just used on her and in spite of my having just done her until I unloaded my seed into her rear my cock noticed what was going on and began getting back into it.
      I knew she was going to go from two fingers to the dildo, I just didn't expect how smoothly she'd make the transition. I felt Mari move and could see part of the action in the mirror and reflected in the windows but I really didn't know it was coming when it did. I heard Trina whistle softly, then I realized I was being fucked. Just like that. I didn't feel her fingers leave me, nor did I actually feel the dildo slide inside me. Like I said, she was good.
      And yes, it was better than a prostate exam.
      She slid it all the way in and out a few times, which was very good, and she held it full length inside me and moved in a kind of circle, which wasn't bad either. And as routinely use both techniques when I am making love to a woman, in whichever hole, I could appreciate them even more. Mari ended her use of my rear with a fairly long session of hard fucking which I knew was forcing the harness up against her clit so she could make it. She did although I didn't.

      When she pulled it out of me I felt like my insides were going to follow it my stomach was actually quivering and I felt fleeting cramps throughout my lower bowels. But she replaced her rented cock with a finger and told me to take a few more deep breaths. I did, and it worked, my anus assumed its normal dimensions in short order and the urge to crap passed. Like I said, she was good. I promised myself to remember that trick and use it in the future.

      As I stood up Trina gave me a round of applause. Mari was a bit upset that she didn't get any and pointed at the couch and told Trina to assume the position herself.
      I watched my former anal lover fuck the hell out of Trina's ass for a couple of minutes then I had to excuse myself to the restroom to restore order that way.

      When I came back they were done and I saw Mari in the kitchen of the fourth floor apartment washing her dick in the sink. She smiled and said that getting 'stuff' on it was an occupational hazard. I agreed, got a drink and headed back to the back room to watch the others for awhile.
      I think I got about three hours of sleep early Saturday morning then a short nap during the day, a few more hours of sleep Saturday night, and about half an hour just before lunch Sunday. I was so tired that I knew if I didn't get out and get the train and head home when I did that I was probably going to end up spending Sunday night there then I'd probably end up calling off work Monday.
      The choice was to spend the night and have some more sex and risk something with a pulse finding its way into either my mouth or ass, or leaving and getting home and recovering as much as possible before the next morning. Given that it really wasn't a choice as I don't think I could have gotten another erection with a whole bottle of the blue pills all the men had taken early in the festivities I started saying my goodbyes, which involved a few more sex acts in the course of telling them I'd had a good time.
      Joe promised to invite me back for the next one, and Calico even said she's be my 'date' for the evening so things would be even per their rules. Then I took my clothes downstairs and took a quick shower and basically snuck out.

      On the train downtown where I would have to change trains to get home I thought about the basics of the weekend.
      There had been six naked women of four different races spanning the ages of mid twenties to however old Mari actually is, and their physical types ranged from the 'plump' Calico to the almost too athletic Vi, and I had had some sort of sex with all of them, and there hadn't been any guilt or judgment by anybody. In fact, we had all been very encouraging with each other and even assisted as needed so everybody could have as much fun as possible.
      Like the time I had held onto Ron while he was on one foot with his other foot shoulder high in a sling from the ceiling while a couple of the women ran his head while fisting his ass. I didn't think about it, I just didn't want him falling over and reached out to him instinctively.
      I had watched others, men and women, get fucked by various strap-ons, hands, vegitables and other toys, including several double penetrations, although I never saw any women go 'airtight' with something in all three holes. Joe and Kent both took a double penetration with cock and a strapon in a hole then they switched and later, switched again. The only man I had even gotten close enough to that we touched in a way that could be remotely called sexual was Joe when we both decided that Ms Chastine needed two cocks in her mouth to go with the vibrator in her ass. Yes our cocks touched at times, but that wasn't our goal, or at least my goal, for doing what we did.
      And a woman actually fucked me. And in the end I was ok with it. It wasn't something I would go out and look for, but the next time I was up at Joe's and things went that way again, I wouldn't object too much.

      So. How was your weekend?


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